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When reviewing your personal insurance situation, the two main areas to review are the level of cover and the insurance policy itself (prices, features and definitions).

Level of insurance

Whilst it is extremely important to ensure you are not under insured, it is equally important to ensure you are not over insured. To determine the appropriate level of cover, here at Kennas we conduct a needs analysis, which addresses your entire financial situation.

There are a number of triggers which may arise, that require you to revisit your level of insurance. Triggers may be personal (new or pending dependants, recently married, divorced or separated, partner now not working, improvement of a health condition), employment (new job or occupation or business situation, redundancy) or financial (salary increase, inheritance of a bequest, new debt).

Review of Insurance Policy

Using our comparison software, we review the price, features and definitions of each policy, and subsequently determine the most appropriate policy to meet your individual needs.

Case Study

Mr & Mrs Jones had annual insurance premiums of $10,000. They were happy with their existing level of insurance. Upon reviewing their insurance policy, research revealed it could be upgraded automatically, which resulted in a premium reduction to $8,000 per annum, a saving of $2,000 per annum.

If you have triggered an event outlined above, or have not had your insurance policy reviewed, please contact Brent Giles, our insurance specialist. Brent is a Certified Financial Planner and a Life Risk Specialist.

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