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Darren Smith


Bachelor of Business Degree (1987).
Chartered Accountant (1991).
Diploma Financial Services (FP) (2008). 


Partner, Kennas


Darren is a Chartered Accountant, Financial Planner and business success expert (and one of only a few people in Central Queensland who has these multiple qualifications). He has been pro-actively helping business owners grow their skills, sales, and profits for 30 years. He often gets involved when other accountants cannot solve businesses or financial issues, or overcome key challenges, and he finds real world and timely solutions for his business clients.


Darren has 20 years of experience being involved with managing Kennas accounting and business advisory services. Kennas is one of the most successful businesses in Central Queensland and has been operating for over 120 years. Darren shares the secrets of Kennas success with his many business clients, to help shape their financial and business success.


He has recently undertaken sales training to further enhance his business skills. Darren's tax expertise is evidenced by his placing in the top 5% of Australian students during his CA study. He also regularly carries out for Kennas, clients and business associations, training sessions covering areas such as leadership, marketing, personal development, business success and of course tax planning and tax control.


Darren maintains a keen interest in the community sector and working with many not for profit organisations, to help strengthen financial governance and ensure long term survival. Among the many positions he holds at present is president of Rockhampton Cricket, and director of Central Queensland Indigenous Development (which is one of the largest indigenous organisations in Central Queensland).


Kenna's expertise is renowned throughout our clients and professional network. Kennas partners maintain extensive professional education, and regularly have nationally recognised experts provide in depth training to our team in Rockhampton. Darren regularly attends both technical training and business development seminars to make sure he is a leading business and tax adviser in Central Queensland.


Why choose a Chartered Accountant?

The Chartered Accountant designation is recognised as the world's leading accounting qualification, demanding the highest level of technical and professional expertise in order to pass the comprehensive and rigorous admission requirements.


What this means is that Chartered Accountants are at the leading edge of modern business practice with the highest level of technical expertise available, and can provide clients with a full range of professional business services. Chartered Accountants are among the most highly qualified and respected group of business, tax and financial advisers in Australia.

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