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At Kennas we pride ourselves on embracing the latest technology for the benefit of our valued clients, so we are excited to announce the re-launch of our free Kennas mobile App.

The great news is that the Kennas App can be downloaded free onto your iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

What will the Kennas App do for you?

The Kennas App has been designed to work with the growing use of smart phones and mobile devices.  It has been developed to provide you with key accounting data, in real time.  The Kennas App will help you to calculate tax, or check the amount of tax you might be paying. It will also give you the power to check how you might be affected by GST, Fringe Benefits and a whole lot more.  There is a convenient library of tax tables which gives you the very latest tax rates whenever, or wherever you may be.

You will never lose a receipt again with the Receipt Management Tool.  You will be able to track receipts and expenses literally at the touch of a button and with little effort.  All you need to do is take a picture of any receipt and save it to your App, it is that easy.  Additional information can be added later and receipts can be stored by category, amount or date.  This tool will help you to track all your expenses with ease.

You can keep track of your mileage using the GPS Logbook.  No more paper log books required when you use the GPS logbook in the Kennas App.  By using the built in GPS on your device it will automatically track your mileage, helping you to record each trip at the touch of a button.  It also manages the trips as well by storing them and allowing your to edit, view or email them with ease.

Kennas are committed to communicating and interacting with our clients in the most efficient ways possible.  The Push Notifications function enable us to send notifications to all our App users to share news, deadline reminders and other important financial updates.

Download your free Kennas App here

You can download the Kennas App (which is powered by MyAccountants App) free of charge by clicking the buttons below or scanning the QR code.

Once you are in the MyAccountants App you will need the unlock code kennas to access the Kennas App.  

 You will only need to enter this code the first time.

Kennas App code is:   kennas                            

Access code: kennas
Scan the QR code
Kennas App code: kennas



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