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April 2017

Would you like more money and more time away from your business? 

I think we would all say YES to this question. In fact a recent phone survey we conducted of some clients showed they would all like to make more money from their business to reward them for the long hours they have been working (with the next step being to change their business model to be able to work less). Did you know however that if you make just a 1% improvement to your sales, customer numbers, average transaction value, margin and expense lines, your profits can grow by almost 30%? What sort of difference would that make to you family's lifestyle?

The secret to success is to analyse your business properly and you will be surprised with how many ways you can find to make 1% changes to your business.  Kennas have worked with many businesses in helping them create a range of possible changes, and then helping keep them on track in implementing these ideas and monitoring the outcomes (in effect we become their business and financial coach). The amazing results we have seen range from smarter business operators,  more streamlined operations, happier staff, and happier customers, leading most times to a better business bottom line (or at least business owners who understand best business practices and how these will give them the best chance of success).

Contact Peter or Darren, Kennas Business Improvement Specialists, for your initial free meeting to discuss your current challenges and what keeps you awake at night, or your frustrations in not being able to achieve your financial and business goals.  To see some well known business people talk about the benefits of having a coach
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