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October 2017

Small changes can drive a 30% profit increase.

Most clients are always looking to make more money from their business to reward them for the long hours they work. Did you know that if you make just a 1% improvement to your business sales, customer numbers, average sale, margin and expense lines, your profits can grow by almost 30%? (which can be a lot of extra cash in your bank account). The secret to achieving this sort of financial improvement in your business is simple in theory, and achievable in practice. We find that through working with us on a regular basis, many clients find a large number of 1% improvements they can make to their business.  In effect, we become your business coach and chief financial officer.  We analyse your business fully and assist you to come up with many ways to make 1% changes to your business, then make the change happen.


We have worked with many businesses to come up with a significant number of small changes, then helped keep them on track in implementing these ideas. The results are amazing and these small changes help create smarter business operators,  more streamlined operations, happier staff, and happier customers, leading to a better business bottom line. While we can't guarantee you will make more money, we can guarantee you will be a better business for the process, and 9 times out of 10 you will make more money (with the 10th time being some external factors outside the business owners control limiting profit growth).


Contact our business improvement experts Darren Smith and Peter Shonhan to book your free profit improvement meeting for your business.


Case Study

A client was experiencing reduced profitability mainly due to the loss of a major contract. They were confident new work would arise in a few months, but were concerned about cashflow in the interim. We prepared a simple monthly analysis of the client's financial performance and identified some significant negative trends in expenses. One of these trends was the wages as a percentage of sales rising in recent months, due to income dropping, but wage costs remaining steady. From our discussions regarding how to minimise wage costs, we advised the client to substantially reduce overtime and helped prepare an action plan to implement this. The estimated cost saving was over $200,000 per annum and significant redundancies were avoided.

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