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January 2018


The beginning of a New Year is an excellent time to reflect on how your business has been going and set goals for what you would like to achieve in the year ahead. It is the ideal time to define what success looks like for you in 2018 as people start their own business for many different reasons and motivations, and your idea and definition of success may be completely different to others.

The key is to start your year off with some clearly defined goals and a written action plan, and make sure you keep checking back to your written plan as you progress through 2018. The best way to stay on track is to share your goals and targets with others (shared goals have twice as much chance of being achieved), and have someone hold you accountable to these goals on a regular basis. Kennas provide a mentoring service for many businesses, so if you require assistance in helping reach your goals please contact our team.

To help you along your path to prosperity in 2018, we recommend you use the Five Keys to Business SuccessClick Here for the full details.

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