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July 2017

Aim Your Business for Success.

Are you the sort of person who plans ahead for your road trip holiday, making sure you know what direction you are heading, how many kilometres you will travel for the day, where you are staying and what you are doing? Most people are like this, and while some people say you don't need to be this organised to have a successful holiday, if you are time limited (which most of us are) your best chance of a good trip is planning ahead.

Business success is exactly the same.  The more planning you do, such as setting your future goals and financial targets, the more chance of financial success you will have. But most business people seem to be able to find more time to plan for holidays than plan ahead in their business. NOW is the time to give your business the greatest chance of success and plan ahead. And if your business is financially successful you will have more time and money for those holidays.

Call Peter or Darren our business improvement specialists to discuss the next steps you can take to
shape your financial success. Or visit our website to read more about planning for financial success.


Business Improvement Case Study

We have been assisting a business owner to focus on improving the HR (people side) of their business. The owners were disappointed with the seemingly low motivation levels of staff, lack of communication, and the underperformance of the business. Kennas conducted a staff survey which uncovered several key issues and challenges. We then assisted with the implementation of changes in areas such as management style, internal communications, information sharing and contribution by employees, and the introduction of 6 monthly career performance reviews for key team members. As a result staff are happier and more engaged, communications between staff are more open and positive, employees are enthused that their suggestions for improvements are being heard and actioned, and the owners are happier also. Employee productivity has improved along with customer service levels, resulting in higher profits.


If you believe the people side of your business is underperforming, call Darren to have a chat about how we can guide you to improve this side of your business.

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